Government of Telangana, World Economic Forum and HealthNet Global have signed a collaboration agreement for “Medicine from the Sky.”

A feasibility study is being conducted to look at how delivery dronescan be used to improve medical supply chains, followed by a pilot implementation in Telangana fonte dell’articolo.
The project includes a comprehensive study of drone-based deliveries for blood, vaccines, medical samples and long tail medicine.

The objective of this expression of interest is to assess the capability of Drones service provider in providing safe, accurate and reliable pickup and delivery of Health care items (medicines, vaccines, units of blood, diagnostic specimens and other lifesaving equipment) from distribution centre to specific location and back,
by using Drones.

Hon’ble Sri. Jayesh Ranjan IAS, Prl. Secretary , ITE&C Dept., releasing the Expression of Interest at Wings 2020. Shri. Amber Dubey, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation also graced the occasion.

While plenty of tests and some at-scale implementation in Africa have increased awareness of the opportunities provided by drones, service providers, government officials and local communities must consider how their populations will be affected and what policies need to evolve for people to reap the benefits. As it stands, it is still difficult to find trusted sources of data, real economic analysis or comparisons between operational models beyond what appears in the press or is offered by the service providers;

The Government of Telangana and The World Economic Forum’s Medicine from the Sky project and the subsequent pilot will assist policy-
makers and health systems in analysing the opportunities and challenges of drone delivery as well as competing delivery models and technologies.

You can find the expression of interest here

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