Drones have been around for centuries. Their recorded use dates back to as early as 1849 when an attempt was made to attack the city of Venice by loading unmanned balloons with explosives. In the past two decades, there has been an exponential increase in the adoption of drones for commercial applications, right from using them for aerial cinematography to their usage even in launching search and rescue missions in disasters.

Drones have replaced satellites and aircrafts in almost all traditional geospatial applications. Now, it’s time to take the giant leap by combining Artificial Intelligence with drones.

Giant Leap of using A.I. with Drones

Drones collect an enormous amount of data, usually in the form of images and videos. This data is then processed using software to derive qualitative and quantitative business insights. While this analysis is crucial, the current analytical processes are laborious and have lesser accuracy and efficiency than what is needed for large scale deployments.

There is a need to have faster and more data-driven decisions to increase the efficiency of businesses, which is achievable by using algorithms, advanced computing systems, and machine learning technology to generate more precise and actionable insights.

Program Overview

Adopt Drones program is an initiative of the Drone Federation of India to accelerate the adoption of AI-driven drone solutions, with support from Amazon Web Services (AWS)* cloud services. The Adopt Drones Program will recognize solutions by drone application developers which leverage machine learning to generate deep insights from the data collected using drones.

Adopt Drones Program shall be an inflection point for the drone industry. The program intends to experiment, develop and promote drone solutions with large enterprises. This program will create multiple business opportunities for solutions focused on creating actionable insights using drones.

Program Structure

  • 1. Application Phase

    Applications are invited from companies that are developing solutions which leverage artificial intelligence.

  • 2. Selection Phase

    Applications will be shortlisted based on the feasibility of the solution, predicted market size, current stage of the solution.

  • 3. Experimentation / Proof of Concept

    Selected applicants will be conducting experiments with large public-sector and private-sector enterprises.

  • 4. Analysis and Documentation

    Results will be analyzed and insights will be documented as case studies.

  • 5. Release of Whitepapers

    The case studies will be published in a whitepaper series released for public knowledge.

  • 6. Educating the market

    Learnings of the program will be advocated to end customers, thus enabling the use of AI with drones in their businesses.

Focus Areas

Supported by AWS

AWS will provide the following to selected participants:

Technical Support: Support for technical review of solutions for cost and performance optimization.
AWS Credits: For partners to explore and leverage various modern technologies on the cloud.
Go-To-Market: Support for jointly pitching and supporting the solution to large enterprises.
AWS Partner Status: Access to partner resources on the AWS Partner Network portal.

Last Date for Applications: 8th January 2021

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