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The CAR D3X-X1, titled ‘Requirements for Operation of Civil Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)’ issued by DGCA is the document defining the new drone regulations in India which came into effect from 1 December 2018.


As per Section 3 of the CAR, the drones are categorized based on their Maximum All-Up-Weight (including payload).

Category Maximum All-up Weight
Nano Less than 250 grams
Micro 250 grams – 2 kg
Small 2 kg – 25 kg
Medium 25 kg – 150 kg
Large More than 150 kg


The UIN (Unique Identification Number) is supposed to be a license plate number for a drone. It will be allotted to a drone after registration of the drone on Digital Sky Platform. It will be of the format U-0000000. The conditions for the allotment of UIN are specified in Section 6 of CAR. Nano category drones intending to fly below 50ft in uncontrolled airspace/enclosed premises for commercial, recreational and R&D purposes are exempted from obtaining a UIN. All other categories of drones have to compulsorily apply for a UIN. After receiving the UIN, it should be printed on a fireproof plate and affixed to the body of the drone.


As per Section 7 of the CAR, UAOP (Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit) is required by the drone operators, except for those operating Nano drones below 50 ft and Micro drones below 200 ft. The UAOP application form needs to be submitted on Digital Sky. A UAOP is valid for a period of 5 years.

Remote Pilot Training

As per Section 9 of the CAR, a drone pilot should be of at least 18 years of age and should have passed the 10th exam in English. Ground training from Flying Training Organizations (FTOs) is compulsory for all pilots except for pilots of Nano and Micro category drones operating in uncontrolled airspace.

Operating Restrictions

As per RPAS FAQ, all drones should be flown below 400 ft and should always remain in visual line-of-sight of the operator. Drones should be flown only during the daytime with ground visibility of at least 5 km. Operators of all drones, except those of Nano category operating below 50 ft, should get permission from Digital Sky platform and inform the nearest police station before flying. No drone should be flown in areas mentioned in Section 13.1 of the CAR.

For complete details, please see the CAR D3X-X1 and RPAS FAQ released by DGCA.